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At crystotech, one of our goals is power management and improving security. We love it when our customer's heart is at rest when they leave the house. After running a survey, we realised that most people forget to switch off or switch on important devices when they leave their houses. The effect of thisIvan be so tragic. According to our survey, most houses use a 70 percent extra energy that could have been saved or manged properly. What if you could use your mobile device to control all electronic components in your house. From the television set to the pumping machine and the bulbs. Everything can be controlled from your comfort zone. Energy can be conserved and utilized whenever you want to. Let us explain how it works.

How it works

How it works

  • Its component is basically comprised of an IoT device and a mobile application. The IoT device is well programmed to connect to your apartment wifi. It will also be connected with the distribution box of electrical wiring of the apartment to be controlled. Through the IoT device the whole electrical appliances will be infused on the mobile application on your android phone. So from your comfort zone clients control all electrical appliances anywhere in world as long as they connect to Internet.

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