RTVS Device

Real time video Surveillance Device


This is an intelligent security system that secures life and precious assets. Once it senses an intruder, it automatically places a video call to a contact provided to the system. Upon receiving the call, the house/store/office owner can view the real time video streaming of the events. Then he can decide on calling the police or reporting the event to the security officers. The security system will also automatically record the video call simultaneously and stores events on an SD card or it can also be uploaded on the cloud for future reference.

How it works

Take a look at the features

Human sensor/intruder detector.

The device has a built-in sensor for detecting intruders

Real time automatic video call.

After detection, a video call is placed to the owner of the property

Real time video streaming and recording.

A video is recorded and streamed.

Real time remote monitoring.

The device can be monitored remotely.

WCDMA and HSPA 3G networks compatibility

For streaming and upload speed, WCDMA and HSPA 3G networks are compatiable

Cloud and SD card storage option.

The videos can be recoreded and uploaded to the cloud or an SD card up to 32GB (Upgradeable).


Inbuilt power bank (inverter is not necessary).


Sound Alarm (optional) to notify people around


The camera is very small

Affordable Price.

The device is relatively cheap.


It is far more better and has more features than a CCTV camera.

Long lasting

It has the capacity to survive hard conditions and last long.